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Our Story

Might As Weld is a modern jewelry brand inspired by the various equilibriums around us, specifically the paradox of industrial strength and seamless fluidity. Our unisex designs capture music, movement, and creative interpretations of sacred geometry, which range from subtle to conspicuous. 

Wearers of Might As Weld might be enthralled with nature’s endless mysteries, impassioned by free-spirited living, or studying sacred geometry. Or they might just be looking for something unique and special to accent their personal style. Our indestructible pendants make beautiful gifts for virtually everyone, including yourself.

The Story

Designer David Fred’s love of detailed metal objects began in his teen years. During a construction welding class, an instructor noticed his knack for metal sculptures and decided to grade him on those designs. This encouraged him to explore metal work through a more artistic lens. Multiple sculpture apprenticeships laid the groundwork for the skilled manipulation of materials, while a job creating satellite parts at a manufacturing plant unveiled a new kind of industrial inspiration.

After clocking out for the day, David would retreat to his basement workshop with the music and art of visionary creators. This routine would ignite a special kind of muse. Through meticulous hand cutting and unique industrial processes, he coaxed robust materials into soft, seamless shapes and motifs.

Mesmerizing designs emerged with details like contrast matte and mirror finishes, rippling psychedelic patterns, and serene studies in negative space. He began to sell the designs at festivals and events, connecting with a larger community who understood the source of his inspiration.

The Process

Might As Weld’s designs are as robust and reliable as nature, the beauty of which never falters. Cut with skillful precision, the jewelry is created with a combination of artisan handwork and industrial machinery—never mass produced with casts or molds. From concept to completion, the journey for each finished piece is as unique as the creation itself.

The real magic begins while rendering sublime modern jewelry from pieces of high-grade stainless steel. An incredible amount of force is required to cut, shape, and carve designs from raw material. A combination of Computer Numeric Control CNC machinery and handheld tools are leveraged to this end, and the process is not easily replicated. 

The reassuring stubbornness of stainless steel is a testament to the longevity of the pieces crafted from it. David chooses stainless steel for its unique capabilities and superior durability. It will outlast softer metals commonly used for art, such as silver and brass.

"When I began metalworking in 2009, I was immediately drawn to stainless steel. The permanence of the material ensured whatever I created would stand the test of time. Known for its incredible durability, stainless is just as notorious for its difficulty to work with. This unique challenge has fed my obsession for the past 14 years, pushing me to continuously expand the boundaries of what’s artistically possible with this medium."
David Fred

The Inspiration

At the heart of Might As Weld is a love of sacred geometry. Sacred geometry is a study of the geometric shapes and proportions that occur naturally around us, creating a sense of innate balance. It has been used to design countless works of art and architecture through the years. 

Everyone has a unique perception of sacred geometry. Some find it mystifying, some find it comforting, some feel closer to nature when they see it. The same can be said for Might As Weld’s unique unisex jewelry, which is fluid and enigmatic enough to be interpreted by its wearer.

Bring the beauty of sacred geometry wherever you go—in a material tough enough to wear everyday.
Explore the world of Might As Weld.