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MOMENT features four layers of high-grade stainless steel, each adorned with a unique combination of finishes and patterns, creating a hypnotic visual effect. The centerpiece features an engraved sacred geometric pattern, symbolizing the interconnectedness of time. Custom-designed hardware binds the layers together, showcasing a harmonious blend of precision machining and skillful hand-finishing.

limited-edition collaboration by David Fred and Samuel Corwin

masterfully crafted and assembled by hand

MOMENT mesmerizes with its intricate layered construction, seamlessly integrating 16 components for an awe-inspiring effect. Each piece showcases a unique surface finish, including glass bead-blasted satin, mirror polished, and burnished patterns. The custom hardware used to secure the assembly feature beveled edges and multidirectional finishes, which create a light-scattering effect.

Timeless artistry meets meticulous precision

Held to tolerances within 5 thousandths of an inch, each component is carefully crafted to achieve an impeccable fit. A proprietary sequence of hand-finishing techniques are used to enhance surface textures, refine intricate details, and produce a captivating multitone appearance.

wear without worry

Stainless steel possesses exceptional durability, maintaining its pristine condition even in extreme climates. Its inherent resistance to tarnish, corrosion, and wear allows it to withstand the passage of time.

crafted for comfort

To ensure a lightweight wearing experience, each layer has been strategically minimized by removing material in hidden areas, resulting in a final mass of 11.4 grams (equivalent to the weight of two US quarters)